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There's been heated discussions with my co-pilot (dad) in regards to the car we should take for the Monte Carlo (or bust) rally . We initially thought about getting a very cheap convertible as it does get really hot in the summer around the Mediterranean. Later on, we were wondering if we should go with a more ‘Polish’ car. Something like this...

This is the FSO Polonez. Clarkson referred to this as one of the worst cars in the world and 'The Telegraph' says it should never have been built...nevertheless it holds a special place in any Polish car fanatic's heart. The above is a hardcore rally version owned by my friend. you can see, it is what it is:)

There was also talk of this one, the Fiat 125p, which used to be an uber-popular number in Eastern Europe of the 1980s/90s.

And then I thought, there's only one car in the world that truly deserves a spin around Monte Carlo. Is it a Porsche? A vintage Jag? Or an Aston? Drumroll....

A white Toyota Corolla.

Source: consumer

This limousine has been with our family for over 25 years and it was my late grandad's favourite ever car. It was initially bought by my uncle Simon (shipped directly from Japan to Poland back in 1993). Nowadays they manufacture Toyotas everywhere but in Japan, hence I think the overall quality of the brand has slightly gone down, but the oldies are still going strong. Apart from the odd corrosion here and there,

My grandad Wiesio absolutely adored his white diamond and just before he passed away, he handed over the keys to me. That’s quite the responsibility as I know how much it meant to him. I’ve been taking care of it ever since, but as I constantly travel these days and don't have a garage either in London, my mum keeps it warm and safe in Warsaw.

The Corolla has visited many countries in Europe already: Great Britain, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic or Italy where grandad and uncle Simon used to go for holiday roadtrips filled with pizzas and pastas. So I want to add Monte Carlo to this illustrious list.

It’s also Toyota's 25th anniversary in Poland, so it’s perfect timing for a rally in this timeless piece of Japanese design and engineering.


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