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Hope this first post finds you well. On Friday the 13th.

This website was supposed to be up a few months ago and I kept eternally postponing the launch date. Millions of excuses. Though above all, I was completely daunted that I am (yet again) starting from zero and what's even worst, worried that I would fail miserably. Add impatience and a touch perfectionism, and there you have it: a bad attitude that kept me going round in circles, procrastinating about what could be, but isn't.

I generally have a very common sense approacch to life, but I lost my mojo for a while. I was frustrated with my job (telly), navigating through the aftermath of an epic break-up and I noticed a self-destructive pattern: I badly wanted something to change and it didn't happen quickly enough, so I just gave up mid-way. One fine morning I just said ENOUGH.

Why did I created this site? I guess it says on the tin: for the love of a good challenge. And actually DOING these, not just planing for 2036.

Like a lot of people I need a solid deadline to get things in motion. I thought that if I set myself a date, keep a diary and share it with my family and friends, it will help keep me focused and teach me how to do things step by step, rather then thinking about the finish line right away

Anyway, here I am writing the first post. It's hard to say what this place might become in a year or two (see, again I'm thinking too far ahead!). I have set myself the very first 'challenges' and I'll keep you posted on these. And from time to time I'll be blogging / vlogging about other things that make me smile. Enjoy!


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