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It’s one of the most popular banger car rallies in the world and I’m taking part in in the 2018 edition! It takes 3 days and the route starts in St.Quentin in France (just north-east of Paris) and goes via Switzerland and Italy, finishing in dazzling Monte Carlo famous for those F1 races (and 0% tax). No Ferraris on this occasion though: in order to be eligible, my car has to be worth less than £500.

Source: Flicker, Here Lawford

There will be a lot of driving and burning rubber, but also dressing up (both contestants and cars), fun daily challenges on route, and a visit to the historical Reims-Gueux racing circuit and The National Automobile Museum in Turin. A lot of magnificent views on the way and the cherry on the cake: a lap around the Monte Carlo F1 circuit.

Any serious driver needs a co-pilot, so my dad, the famous civil engineer, Adam Ostrowski, is joining the team! This rally was a present for his 63rd birthday (this November) and he’s super excited. We’ll be racing (in a very healthy and responsible way) against other teams including the amazingly talented presenter Danni Menzies, whose also brining her dad along.

Me and Danni have both been petrolheads since we can remember and know each other from ‘A Place in the Sun’, which I’ve been directing for a VERY long time.

My mum badly wanted to join us, but as it’s a daughter + father adventure, I’ll just have to come up with another motoring challenge which I can do with her! Nevertheless, she will still be closely involved in the prep: dressing the car and getting my dad’s fancy costume ready. He says he wants something 'very elegant’ and will most probably go as…James Bond. Roger Moore style. Guess that leaves me with the Bond girl part.

And this gives you a good idea of how people dress up for the drive..

Source: The Sunday Times Driving,

The next thing is to find the perfect car under £500. I’m looking into various options.. but more on that in the next blog post.

If you want more details on the rally itself or even join in, go to the official Monte Carlo or bust rally site. Not sure if there are any places left for 2018, but check out further dates and similar banger rallies which they organise throughout the year.

Click here for a good read about the Monte Carlo or bust rally from 2014 in 'The Sunday Times' driving section. By Dominc Tobin.


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