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After spending a whole week driving inland, I couldn't wait to head west towards the ocean. Initially the plan involved a nearly 800km / 10 hour drive south to Tarfaya after Marrakesh, but two days of the rally got eaten up by the Mount Toubkal climb... In hindsight, I should have given myself 12 days altogether (including the climb) to be able to visit Tarfaya... but hey, it's one of the first challenges and I will definitely work on logistics a bit more next time!

Essaouria is a laid-back coastal town, much less frequented by tourists than the uber popular all-inclusive holiday destination of Agadir. After the 3h drive from the frenetic Marrakesh, I spent the rest of the day at the beach, enjoying the calm views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The charming hotel where I stayed the night: La Maison du Cinema. I got the Nastassja Kinski room :)

And my attempt at the Nastassja look... ;-)


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