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Day 4 was a drive from Ouarzazate to Imlil in prep for the Mount Toubkal climb. Just over 240km but the winding mountain tracks (add roadworks to that) made it into a solid 6 hour trek.

I never actually feel it takes that long as I'm constantly distracted by the amazing views on route:

Nearly looks like LA ;)

Ah, the roadworks which stopped the whole traffic for a good hour.. If you look closely there's a digger 'hanging' on the side of the mountain at a 45 degree angle :) Have to say the main roads in Morocco are REALLY good, so they must be doing something right...

Approaching Imlil around 1900. I actually stayed the night in a tiny hostel in Aroumd (the next village up from Imlil) but more on that in a separate post in the 'Climb Toubkal' section.

Just a little hotel in Aroumd

I can tell you that it was FREEZING COLD. Slept fully clothed in a sleeping bag :)

Day 5 & 6 of the rally were all about Toubkal (car stationary by the hostel) and today I've been recovering in Marrakesh by the pool;) Back on the road tomorrow!


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