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As promised, updated post on day 2.

Good night sleep in Fes even though I still have to get used to the singing/praying that starts at dawn… This charming hotel, Riad dar Guennoon, is located in the very centre of the city. Hard to find at first among the maze of alleyways, but one of the local lads helped us out. And of course he wanted to get paid for his kindness, which is essentially one of the ways they make money from tourism!

I only got a couple of hours to walk around the city and one thing I’ve learnt already: If you’re doing A RALLY you are there TO DRIVE. And there’s not much time fro strolling around..

I also spent a good half and hour of that precious down time buying the bloody dongle for the laptop, but so far it ain’t working anyway. I always thought Spain was quite slow when you need to sort out something…but Marocco is WAY slower. People come in to a shop and they just talk. Eventually they get something done, but mostly it's talking.

Even though it was a tour done at the speed of light, I was amazed at some of the craftsmen at the Medina of Fez market (Medina in layman's terms is the centre of a city with the market, typically walled off with many narrow, maze-like streets) .Everything from leather goods, perfumes, clothes, scarves, rugs, home decor, gold...

Breath-taking views on route.

It was all going smoothly until..the road we took to Agoudal ended abruptly. You wouldn’t really call it a’s just a gravel pathway that goes through the mountains but it got washed up by the river.

We took the P7319 road which goes straight through the mountains. Only got to Agoudim and then turned back towards Midelt (our hotel is about 20km to the city). The distances don't look that bad on paper, but you go about 20km/h on the narrow

Today we're taking this route instead (N13, P7103, P703, N10) which will take us to Quarzazate. Fingers crossed!


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