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I’ll write more in the morning as I need to get some sleep, but long story short... We were supposed to get from Fez to Agoudal today, roughly 350km and 7hours drive.

Unfortunately, part of the 'road' we took through the Atlas mountains simply doesn’t exist anymore, washed away by the river. So we had to turn around 5 hours into the drive.. which meant 2 hours back up the same road to find a hotel in one of the towns. Anyway, we came across this lovely place, Riad Mimouna near Midlet, and they even have the heating on in the rooms!!! HURRAH!! It’s around 2’c right now... Have to say, I am so far VERY lucky with the hotels (the sleeping bag is in the back of the car just in case though..)

Just a little photo teaser from day 2 (me being happy BEFORE the 2hour drive back...)


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