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Well, I'm desperately trying to upload some photos for this post but the local Fez wi-fi ain't havin' any of it! (*update: managed to add ONE in morning today on Tuesday..yes, it only took the whole night to get in on the site)

It's been a long day. Prep in the morning (picking up the car, supermarket spree and then..McD, shamelessly have to admit to that sin) and then 300km / 5hour drive to Fez. I'll do a quick tour of the city I the morning, but then we've got another 7 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow, so having a quick shower, some tagine and bed time!

Travelling like a local, convertible style. Somewhere between Tangier and Meknes

So hoping for another good drive tomorrow, with more posts and photos when I find a half decent hotspot. I did manage to upload some 'stories' for Instagram earlier on, but I think the clips didn't actually go in order annoyingly wrrrrr but you've got a taster there at least :)


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