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Hmmm.. it's been two weeks since the final match, so I feel better now ;-)

I survived the 30 days training (just about), but long story short: I lost the final match. Happens to the best and to be fair, writing about it is a nice closure :)

Week 4: I played my usual daily tennis, did a lot of walking on the beach (went south of the island for a few nights) and mostly focused on stretching. Nothing to strenuous. Nevertheless, I didn't have much left for the final match itself. I was very tired, didn't focus and it showed me how much I still need to improve my footwork. Least I lost to a VERY experienced guy, much as I gave it my all. Trust me, I was very annoyed on the day, but it only showed me how much I've got to learn.

Overall, I think training only 2-3 times a week, at my usual pace, will give me more benefits longterm than this marathon. I'm not a pro athlete, I do plenty of other things in life, so I got to take it easy. Yes, I need to be consistent, but also need balance. Otherwise my body won't be able to handle it and I'll loose the fun element.

I hope to continue with my tennis classes in London towards end of next week, though I'm already thinking about new sports challenges ;-) Can't wait for a bit more racing this year and also want to tackle kitesurfing finally (as it was put on hold due to this challenge).

Above all: MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who supported me and the charity @giveityourmax . We raised £283 altogether. Fantastic job, team!

And that's me and Braulio, my coach, after the match :) So weird looking at this that I'm a brunette again!


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