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Slightly belated summary of week 3.

It was tough. I felt super tired beginning of the week and to be honest, most of the workouts were very forced and I stopped enjoying the full-on schedule I imposed on myself (good news: I'm fine again in week 4, hurrah!) .

Mid week I forgot how to play altogether, nothing was going right with the forehand or backhand. Around Day 17 I just wanted to cry and give myself a break BUT I've committed to 30 days, not 18, and I intend to keep it that way. I did an extra rest on day 18, otherwise I wouldn't be able to carry on. I cut down the training to two to three hours max and kept it easy at the weekend.

I can definitely see progress in terms of fitness. I run (a bit) faster on court. I can hold a plank for over a minute (1min 16 sec is my record ). Technique-wise, it's changing for the better. Nevertheless, I have a lot to improve and I never fooled myself I could change everything in the space of a month. I just hope things will 'click in' over time.

Consistent progress is a long process. But even the slightest improvement is already a big achievement and I'm proud of that. I only went back to playing tennis regulary this January , so if we take those extra months into consideration, I'm definitely feeling better about my game.

Going into week four I'm mostly just playing games / full matches, rather than doing excercises and drills. Mixing it with pilates, yoga and some stretching. But no more than three hours, so I've got some energy left in me for that last week.

I'm hoping to play the final match around 6th May, just before I leave the island. But first I need to survive till the 4th May when my 30 days is done. So keep your fingers crossed AND... we've nearly reached the fundraising target, which is fantastic news!


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