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It's Monday and I've just kicked off week 2 of my tennis challenge.

But first of all, quick summary of week 1 : I’m alive.

My energy levels were going up and down during week one. I felt excited to start off with, day two was totally agonising and my whole body was in pain, day three I was back on track, then down on Thursday and finished on a high on Friday. I didn’t do any tennis at the weekend, as I badly needed some rest, but continued with HIIT exercises, pilates and a run. No rest for the wicked.

I stuck to the plan with functional training before going on court each day, followed by a mix of off court workouts and more tennis in the afternoons. I sometimes swapped the order but strictly completed all the exercises planned for each day. I prepped most of my meals at home (apart from having a cheesecake at the weekend and a massive burger today ha! ) . And yes, I do drink a lot of coffee in the mornings, can't help it! ;-)

I mean, there is no surprise, I knew it was going to be super tough. It’s like playing the piano or learning a language, you can’t improve vastly within the space of one week. BUT you make progress. My overall fitness level is better and I’m working on the footwork (still moving around like an elephant but with a touch of cougar by day 8).

And let’s not forget, it’s my third week of training if we count the prep. So I’m pretty damn proud of myself that I can handle up to 4 hours of workout per day. My body is actually managing quite well considering I’m not 18 either.

Plank: I started at 30 seconds last Monday and I’m now on 45seconds.

And on this exercise (running around the cones, doing the square two times) I went from 18sec down to 16sec. It's a MASSIVE improvement. And that's Braulio, my coach, in the photo ;-)

Here is the plan for next WEEK, very similar to week 1, but for the next 5 days the tennis training will be more about consistency.


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