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I ended up with another Fiat, this time the cute & classy 500C. It's not a full convertible but 'topless' is enough to dry your hair.

It’s actually my second time testing the Fiat 500: I did my first ( non-topless ) drive a few years ago in Sardinia. It’s cool, much as it feels like a slightly bigger version of a Matchbox toy car (I used to play with those as a kid). I would never see myself driving it day to day: it's just too 'delicate' for me plus the tiny size of the boot and back seats would annoy me. Nevertheless, it does the job for short and spontaneous ocean-front trips.

The 500 comes across as very girly: the curvy design and the retro interior give it that feminine edge. I haven't seen many men driving it either..

It's deceptively spacious. At first, I thought it wouldn't really fit me with my one meter seventy five, but even my much taller passenger could sit comfortably inside (or stand up with the roof open). Only small kids at the back though.

I tested it on the coastal roads of northern Fuerteventura and found the driving experience a bit flimsy. It felt a bit like floating over the water rather than stomping solidly on the ground. It comes with a 1.4 litre petrol engine, which you’ll mostly drive at 60km/h anyway. Anything above that, the wind also gets too loud. Ah, one more thing, I’m not a fan of those gear boxes located higher up near the dashboard (or on the ceiling pretty much…) , but that’s a personal thing.

Still, it's nothing short of enjoyable when doing a 100km route with a view. After all, these cars are made for sluggish, holiday rides in sunny Spain or Italy.

Cost: around £19000 for the open roof top version. Rent out around £25 per day, so not too bad as an alternative to an 'open top bus' allowing you to take in the island's stunning panorama. I give it a 7 /10 and the explosive 10/10! Enjoy :)


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