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Just a few highlights from seeing the amazing Misty Copeland live in New York (sorry in advance, I have no big close ups as was sitting higher up, but she is magical, trust me ;)

Surprisingly she was dancing to the…Beach Boys on this occasion, which was a whole new ballet experience for me to say the least, but thoroughly enjoyable. And I loved the lavish architecture of the David H. Koch theatre, open back in 1964, which is the home for the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Company. I like the simplicity of the architecture here, the round, jewel-like lights, the art-deco style ( it art deco? You be the judge) chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, red velvet seats and a touch of gold. It reminded me of those grand interiors I know from films based in New York. Grand not in the 'baroque or renaissance' kind of way, but it terms of the classy finishings and elegant touch.

The MET opera is next door, but I’ve left that pleasure for the next time I’m in New York. Enjoy the photos! Dubai and The Nutcracker is next on the list... :)


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