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The Prague National Theatre, Narodni Divadlo, is my next tick off the operas and ballets list. The neo-renaissance building stems from the second part of the 19thcentury and is a pleasant treat for the eye.

I went to see The Love for Three Oranges (quite the title;). It’s an opera by Sergei Prokofievwith a French libretto based on the Italian play with the same title (internationalJ. The opera actually premiered in the USA, at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, back in 1921 and was conducted by Prokofiev himself.

My nutshell summary: the protagonist, the Prince, is depressed from overly indulging into tragic poetry (think: too much Instagram and FB these days). So doctors inform his father, the King, that his son’s hypochondria and mood swings can only be cured with laughter…

The King summons the jester to organise major entertainment to make his son laugh again. There’s some usual revenge, throne-fighting side plots, and on top of everything, the Prince is cursed by a Fata Morgana: he’ll only ever get better with the help of some random three oranges.… oh boy, this is deep now that I write this.

Enough is enough. You get the picture. The opera is OK. It’s not Prokofiev’s finest works in my personal (non professional;) opinion, so next time I’m back to proper classics. Or ballet for a change. Enjoy the photos! :)


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