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My 90days of learning French is over. Well, saying that, I’ll be learning French for the rest of my life, but at least the 3 months of intense studying was a solid start to this lifetime journey ahead.

Now, back to business. The grand finale which I promised at the beginning of the challenge. Initially the plan was to go to Paris for a weekend, but…as I well know from TV, organising a ‘shoot’ in a busy city like Paris (and throw the famous Parisian attitude into the mix), I’ve decided to go with countryside France. The stretch from Bordeaux to Clermont-Ferrand more or less.

I’m organising a few ‘activities’ in which I hope to demonstrate a fairly fluent (ahahahahah) level of French after my 90days+ challenge. And of course I’ll be doing very Frenchy things.. ALL IN FRENCH. From cooking to wine-tasting, but also some fishing (I’ve never done that), rock climbing (again, never done that) or learning to play rugby (hmmm…I haven’t done that either). It’s going to be a 4-5 day roadtrip with one of my TV friends, whose also going to double up as a camera. Talking of cars, I found one racing track in the area, so if they happen to have a track day while were there... I’ll definitely add that to the list.

I’ve got cameras ready (mostly using an phone and go-pro) and sorting out some sound equipment to go with that. As they say, TV is 70% and 30% vision ;-)

If you’ve got any other ideas for positively crazy French activities-challenges, drop me a line here or via Instagram.


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