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Wow.. it’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost about my French challenge and it uddenly hit me that the 90days deadline is tomorrow! Yikes. To keep my promise and prove to you that I’ve actually learnt something, I’m currently planning a trip to France in May, where I’ll do a bunch of fun, cultural activities ONLY using French. And of course I'll aim to speak French for the whole time I’m there (well, most of the time...there will be some sign language involved I'm sure).

But in order to see what I’ve actually learnt after 90days ( I’ll get a few cheeky bonus weeks before I head to France), I’m going to film a short video with one of my good old French friends next week and we’ll use seulement le francais. Hopefully that will give you a good indication of where I’m at.

It’s been tough at times, especially the last couple weeks. Only managed one private lesson since mid March (though I’ll continue doing these 1:1 for the foreseeable future) For me, this weekly 1:1 is the best way of learning the language - I speak for the whole hour and make use of whatever words and sentences I have in my repertoire. Lately, I’ve only been studying at home (usually after midnight or at the weekends) or sometimes on the train to work . I had a fun skype chat with Alexandre from the States (he’s one of the lovely peeps I’ve met through Instagram) and I’ve been whatsapping him about the basic stuff I do in life. Every little bit helps. Writing, speaking or talking French to oneself while taking a bath!

I go through the audio recordings on the apps (which come with the books). I also listen to French radio and even tried to watch a film in French: ‘The Intouchables’. That was LEVEL HARD. At the moment, but I’ll get there eventually.

I soon hope to read ‘Le petit prince’ in the original version. That would be soooo amazing. Do you remember that book from your early childhood? I certainly do! But only had a chance to read it in Polish so far. There's something magical about being able to real the book in the original language it was written in.

So yes, plan for the next few weeks: film a vlog (and edit it by 2036) where I’m happily chatting in French with my friend and roadtrip around France.

This challenge is one of those that will continue pretty much for the rest of my life. I can now officially rename it...'French for life' :) I always wanted to learn this beautiful language, but I constantly made know very well what I mean!. It’s thought me a lot about discipline - even if it’s 15min a day it still progress. Thanks to ‘Frenchin90days’ I’ve reached a basic, conversational level of French which I can now develop over the next 100 years!!!!


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