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It's over half way through the French challenge, so where am I at? Well, I can finally talk about the past as the last couple of days have been about learning 'passe compose', the basic past tense in French. I did future tense a couple of weeks ago, so in theory I know all the verb forms now, but I have to practise, practise and yet again practise to feel more at ease using these in conversation.

I had two French lessons this weekend as I wanted to catch up after a busy week away in Poland (I have to admit I only studied a couple of afternoons while travelling). I'm also starting a rather intense TV project for the next couple of months, so I really have to be very diligent with my daily 15mins of French (same goes for all the other challenges I'm doing...). At least I'll be spending more time commuting which I find is a great way of learning languages on the go. No reception on the London tube equals no distractions. Just me and my French books.

In terms of my lessons this weekend, I was telling my tutor about what I did during my week in Poland making use of the basic past tense structures. I probably sounded like a 4 year old as I was soooo slow trying to figure out how to conjugate the verb properly, but at least I didn't have to use the 'finger gesture' anymore to point to the past.

In the meantime I've also started planning my 'grand final' trip to France which will hopefully show you how much of le francais I've managed to master after just a few months. I'm looking forward to it and putting into practise everything that I've learnt so far.


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