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As it was an extremely busy time for me work-wise, my second week has mostly been about trying to fit in at least one minute of French whenever I could. On the train, in the cafe, between phone calls, listening to the app when standing in a queue or at 11pm at home before going to bed.

This is the reason why a lot of people give up their challenge a few days into it, they just don't find the time. Or rather, they don't even TRY to find the time. We've got work, daily errands and life admin, then laundry, gym (for some), cooking, family, friends, then shower and bedtime. Sometimes no shower. And there's simply no time left for doing anything extra apart from the usual shite. It takes discipline to dedicate even a few minutes to learn something new and stick to that regime. I mean, I love learning French, but it's bloody hard when you're tired from everything else.

I was hoping to do a 1:1 lesson during week two and it didn't happen... I couldn't schedule it in. I think I'm gonna give the online lessons a go, at least I can do it when I'm at home, anytime. As long as there's wi-fi, which has been down for the last couple of weeks at my place. Either way, I didn't make excuses and just carried on with the two books I've got and my apps. Listening, writing and talking to myself. So there's some kind of progress.

Progress (or rather the lack of it) is another reason we often give up. I just want to speak French fluently, NOW, STRAIGHT AWAY. And even though I've learnt the basic phrases in a short space of 2 weeks, it doesn't feel (good) enough . And that's the moment we give up.

It's especially annoying for a linguist like me, I honestly thought it would be so much easier (well, it is in some ways..I do 'recognise' many words from other languages and my pronunciation is quite good) , nevertheless... progress is slow. I want to do 5 years in 90days which is simply impossible. I have to remind myself constantly that just over two weeks ago I only knew how to say 'Bonjour'.

How do I stay motivated and disciplined? I remind myself (actually, swear at myself) that I'll feel disappointed if I don't do any French that day. Same with eating well, going to the gym or any other challenge I do. I stopped 'thinking' about it and I simply do it. There and then.


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