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It’s not that easy to find those 15min where I solely just focus on learning French. I mean, I’m not doing too bad considering it’s been a busy week overall and I had a long list of boring admin stuff which I had to be sorted out. I did manage to 5-10min each day so far (a good hour on day one!), but it’s still the bare minimum. I find it really tough to suddenly zone out, forget about everything else and.. speak French. There’s so many things to do each day and then it’s somehow midnight again.

I did well on the first day, a good hour of learning pronunciation (reading the guide in the ‘15min French’ book and listening to the app), then second day I only spoke a bit of pigeon Francais at the local crepeire… yesterday nothing (max 5min maybe) and today I did some conversations again listening to the app.

I need to do a proper schedule for the week (I’ve said that for 33 years..). But I’m seriously starting a diary from next week, which I’ve never done before in my life.

As a bonus thing to keep me motivated, I’m going to do ‘word of the day’ on Instagram and a lot of French inspired things over the next 3 months (fashion, food, culture etc). Bit late to the party at day 4, but better late than never. I’ll try to throw these things here on the blog also.


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