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I’ve certainly had a lot of fun with my ice skating outfits during the pirouette challenge. There’s been some funky sparkling berets, long taffeta skirts and polka dot dresses. I took a lot of inspiration from old photos: back in the days people used to merrily skate in Royal Ascot hats, fur coats and Oscar gowns. I didn’t quite reach that level, but not far from it.

Most of the items come from my local charity shop (God Bless this British institution) and flee markets. Day to day I like to mix old-school stuff with high-street brands and modern designer pieces, so there's a bit of that here - 'modern vintage' I call it. And especially on ice, it’s meant to be extra crazy and colourful.

Starting with the pink and white stripped jumper with a sparkly red beret. I love the red-pink combo and the mixture of textures. Simple black leggings to go with it.

The next one is bit more ‘Russian ballet’. Furry poncho, white ‘riding style’ hat, black turtle neck and the always practical leggings. Comfy and warm, but very winter chic.

Cute polka dot dress in beige and white. Ear muffs for extra sweetness. I haven’t worn white tights since 1989 and I think I just about pulled them off in Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Long, dark green taffeta dress, black top and leather jacket to give it an modern edge. A trendy black beret to finish it off. (I'll do an extra photo of this outfit as photos from the actual visit to Tower of London came out all blue!!! )

Pleated black dress with some elegant see-through bits which in minus temperatures have to be covered by a warm fur coat. The classic French beret features again and next time I'll add red lipstick.

And more sporty outfit to finish favourite red Moncler coat, pink turtleneck and black leggings.


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