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Just to be absolutely clear, you can wear whatever you like! But here’s a few practical tips, whether it’s regular practise or a one-off xmas excursion.

What do I recommend?

Depending on if you’re skating indoors or outdoors, I normally put a white vest or T-shirt and some thermals on top, plus a coat if it’s really freezing. Mind you, it can still be fairly cold even at a covered rink.

For the bottom bit, leggings work best for me, just like the once you use at the gym. Defo no jeans, unless they’re the jeggings type. Tracksuit bottoms also do the job, especially for men. Stick to comfy and stretchy stuff, that's the most important thing. More advanced skaters often put leg warmers on top to keep the ankles warm.

I very much recommend wearing gloves. Obviously to keep your hands warm, but trust me on this one, it’s not nice to fall on the ice with your bare hands...

Socks: don’t do any of those fancy ‘cut-off-at-the-ankle’ socks or super big and woolly. The most normal, plain, cotton socks work best!

Hat or ear muffs, especially for skating outdoors in the evening

Bottom line, you're meant to feel comfortable, warm and safe. What do I mean by safe? Well, whether you like or not, ice skating is inherently an injury prone sport and it’s easy to fall on your backside or some other part of your sexy body. Protect yourself as much as you can by wearing the right kind of gear, though don’t go overboard on health and safety either as it’s meant to be FUN & ENJOYABLE above all! Common sense. Always :)


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