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If you’ve read my previous blogpost, I was giving myself another few weeks to complete this challenge. I was stuck at three revolutions and struggled to do more. I just couldn’t quite get the ‘feel’ for the right speed and body position that would allow me to spin for longer.

I went for another practice yesterday. It was an ice rink at the Polish National Stadium, normally used for football matches and concerts, but during wintertime it becomes the biggest skating venue in Warsaw (and possibly in Poland).

Back to the challenge. I did a half an hour warm-up and started training the spins. Business as usual. Two, three turns. And suddenly, it just happened: I went for it at good speed, back and neck straight, looking confident and I finally managed the 5 revolutions (and then 6 and 7! ) On both legs, but still counts :) I mean, it’s still VERY rough round the edges, but I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Only 2 days after the planned deadline. Now I should work on the style lol

I'll carry on training at Alexandra Palace in London and hope to perform the spin on one leg fairly soon. I’m not planning to be a World Champion figure skater (well, that would be impossible…in theory), rather just enjoy skating as a fun, social sport and a great booty workout! So who knows, maybe another ice skating challenge next December.

Videos proudly made by my dad :)


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