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Straight to the point... after two weeks I’m still at around two to three revolutions in my two foot spin. A lot of ‘twos’ in that sentence, but these are the current figures.

I’ve been practising a lot of other ice-skating moves last week, which will eventually help me improve the spin. I wrote it in the previous post that without solid basics I won’t be able to go much further with my pirouetting. I was obviously hoping (wishful thinking..) that it would all happen a bit quicker, but things take time and practise. Especially if you want to do it properly. I’m training nearly every day at Alexandra Palace and will be visiting another couple of xmas ice-rinks in London this week.

The last few days have been about controlling my core and keeping my body in one straight, strong line. Going smoothly from one figure to the next one, while an ‘imaginary someone’ pulls my head (or rather my pompon hat) with an ‘imaginary string’ to keep my body in a stable vertical position. It’s very important in the spin. No wobbly moves allowed as it effects everything I do (or don’t) on ice.

Here’s a few photos and videos (showing the 2 and 3 revolutions I can do:)


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