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Where am I at after one week of training? Well, a bit further than on Monday. I can manage one revolution in my two foot spin (sometimes two, if I focus hard enough on my balance and coordination). Considering I started at ZERO a few days ago, not bad.

The thing is, I know I've set the bar really high with 5 revolutions in my pirouette (otherwise it wouldn't be a proper challenge), but in order to achieve that I need to get the hang of all the other bits. It's like learning to drive. You don't go straight onto the highway unless you've mastered the basics. Same with ice-skating. I've improved various elements already: my overall balance, technique and speed are much better and spins are looking solid (ekhm, I'm referring to those one or two revolutions...). Well, it's not five yet, but I've still got a few weeks to go.

I visited the rink 4 times this week, about 8 hours altogether on the ice including two 1:1 lessons with the amazing (and super patient) Rosie, so click here if you're looking for a coach!

I always thought that it would be the legs and glutes which will hurt most, but turns out my arms are completely worn out. A bit like Pilates on ice, I need to keep my back straight, strong core, hips forward and those arms nice and wide: essentially, muscles which I don't use that often. Obviously there's a lot of leg work, but it's actually the upper body which needs time-out at the weekend.

Goals for next week? Solid two revolutions in the spin, and improve skating backwards.

BTW this is the Alexandra Palace building. Regardless of whether you skate or not, the panoramic views of London are great from up here! The rink is normally open to the public weekdays from 11am till 1330pm and then in the afternoon from 2pm till 530pm. £9 per session, £7.50 for happy hour from 4.20pm (one pound more at weekends). There's also a 'party session' on Saturday evenings if you want to enjoy music, disco lights and some dancing on ice!


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