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Corralejo - Sotavento - Cofete

This is route number 2, which goes down south from Corralejo, all along the east coast of Fuerteventura. I’ve done it a few times now, in various cars. Minus walk and sunset at Cofete beach, which I’m hoping to tick off this weekend - lots of people tell me it's an ‘obligatory trip’ on the island, so I’ll update this post once I’ve officially been there :)

The drive south will take you around 2hours: that’s more or less how long it takes to do the whole east coast of Fuerteventura (sticking to the tarmac roads). I did a north – south – north roadtrip in one day (including sunset in Morro Jable), so it’s definitely doable in 8-10hours including food, beach stop and sunset on the way.

From Corralejo head towards Puerto del Rosario (the capital city of the island) taking the scenic route which goes along the ocean rather than the motorway. It only takes 10-15min longer, but it’s so worth the views: beach, dunes and mountains in the far background.

Then drive for another hour and a bit towards Sotavento beach: I stayed around Sotavento for a long weekend, hoping to complete a beginners kite-surfing course...

I booked my stay at the Melia INNSiDE for a few nights, it's located just by the beach. In the end didn’t do much kiting (I’ll tell you that story one day). Instead, I enjoyed the infinity pool, cocktails with cheesy umbrellas and long walks, while others battled the strong winds with their kites.

Super recommend this hotel if you’re into watersports and want to hang around the area for a bit longer. The balcony vistas are pure paradise and the rooms are elegant yet cosy, with lots of mirrors beautifully reflecting the Canarian sunlight and oceanic panorama. I much prefer this to staying in the more 'touristy hot spot' Morro Jable and commuting. Though it's been pretty quiet everywhere because of the pandemic.

There’s a very well known kite-surfing school just outside the hotel, but do ask around and look into hiring a local, private teacher, which might hurt your pocket (and body) much less in the end.

Kite-surfing is not cheap, 3hours can be anything between 150-300euro, and that’s for a group session. Water is not my natural environment and I certianly need special attention on this front… so I’ll go with 1 to 1 next time. Prices vary a lot again - it’s not a cheap sport, that’s for sure, especially when you start off. And then kit on top of that. Anyway, let’s see if I ever manage to stand on that board with the kite in the air. By the way, that's not me below, that's someone who is a pro ;-)

Now, there’s one place that is definitely worth the drive south. There’s this unassuming little restaurant / bistro called ‘Bar de Marko’ about 5min from the hotel and it’s nothing short of PHENOMENAL . Go for the fried chipirones, which will blow your mind. Marko runs the place together with his sweet wife Moni (who does the cooking:). It’s one of those special places that has got positive energy the moment you step inside and you’ll see all the locals flock to this spot at the weekends.

Last but not least, I have been recommended a hike to the beach of Cofete, at the very far end of the Jandia peninsula (that’s the correct geographical name for the southern part of the island). So I’m heading that direction this weekend hopefully (I’m a bit 'stuck' in Corralejo doing a tennis challenge this month as you know!)

Here’s how it looks like but I’ll update this post once I’ve experienced it myself :)

Meanwhile, hope to see you soon in Fuerteventura, roadtripping of course !


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