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Off to Malaga airport in a few minutes. Excited, but also a bit terrified! I guess that's what challenges are all about..doing something you thought you'd never do. It's been a dream of mine to do an off-road car rally for a loooong time, so no turning back now. And if I ever want to do the Dakar, better start working on my endurance! Even though I feel knackered and I'd rather sleep for a week!!!

I barely managed to pack. I've got quite a lot of stuff after a 4 week 'A Place in the sun' gig plus camera gear and other bits and bobs. I had to literally sit on my bag, use every square cm of space and it took me a good 10min to finally zip it up. Maybe it would have been better to go back to London, re-pack properly and then fly out to Tangier..but no point thinking about that now. Let's just do it.

I'll try to keep you updated on my Morocco challenge as often as I can (depending on local wi-fi), so check out the site, Instagram and Facebook pages daily! And keep your fingers crossed for the next 10 days :)


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