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My journey with go-karting only began recently, but I already know it's going to be longer chapter in my life. As you know, my goal (I'm referring here to 2019 or even 2020 !) is to get a racing licence and go-karting is a solid starting point. If I'm ever going to compete in any pro events I have more of a chance on the track than in a rally. Gosh, maybe I'll never get that far anyway, but aiming high at the moment.. There's also more women successfully competing in racing compared to rallies, which is another good reason for it. I would consider doing off road stuff - Dakar 2018 is just starting today, my ultimate dream - though it's again tricky to get into unless you've got a decent about of money in the bank.

To those who are less familiar with racing and rallies, they are two separate sport driving disciplines. In racing you go round a circuit, usually a winding tarmac track, whereas a rally is made up of a different routes, terrains and obstacles every time. In many ways racing is more predictable than a rally, hence many drivers say they prefer the 'unknown' element of rallies. Nevertheless, both require tonnes of hours spent behind the steering wheel if you want to be any good!

For someone starting later on in life like me, racing is a bit more approachable. I'm very happy on the track, plenty of excitement there for me. Frankly, for the time being I'll drive whatever, whenever and wherever I can.

Anyway, coming back to the subject-matter, go-karting. It's a great way to get into racing. Teaches you everything from how to efficiently take corners and the quickest way around the track, gets you used to the speeds, how to properly accelerate and break, how to overtake etc And it's cheaper than having a proper car when you're budget is pretty much non existant and you still want to enjoy the sport!

I did very well for my first time last week. You might even think, 'ah it's just a few seconds away from the leader' but those few seconds are years of training. Either way, proud of myself that I didn't come last in the group of experienced drivers (I'm number 8) and I absolutely loved every second of it ;-) There's a few tracks in London which I'll be visiting regularly from now on!


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