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Basics of how to correctly sit behind the steering wheel. Only a few bullet points and photos, so I don't loose your attention on this seemingly 'boring nonsense'. But trust me, it's actually MEGA important: massively improves the quality of your driving and should you ever be involved in an accident (God forbid!), it could help lessen the severity of your injuries.

I used to be one of those 'half sleeping/sitting position' drivers with my seat pretty much horizontal, seatbelt under the arm and one finger on the steering wheel. Either way, that's all VERY VERY bad and I shamelessly admit it. Frankly, no one ever tells you off because most of us are guilty of these sins. Even when you're doing your licence, they indeed teach you how to drive but there's hardly any talk about WHY sitting correctly and holding the steering wheel in a firm manner is of utmost importance.

So here are the major pointers.

Adjusting the height of your seat: eyes looking mid way between the top and bottom of the windscreen. The more you see of the road and what's ahead of you, the better.

Distance from windscreen, pedals & steering wheel: legs comfortably bent so you can easily reach the pedals and keep the legs slightly bent (NEVER fully straight) whenever you press on the pedals. If you want to double-check that your distance to the steering wheel is just right, place you're wrist on the top of it - if you can reach it comfortably, you're fine!

Adjusting the back of the seat: Thighs and back angled at around 90 degrees and body firmly 'glued' to the whole seat. Yes, at first you might feel like a grandma with her nose on the windscreen but NO, that's not what it is and definitely doesn't look like it either. Talking of which, grandmas (and grandads) are also invited to read these bullet points :)

I have a rather concentrated face on this next photo. But it's serious business after all.

Seat belts on properly, no funnying around! Not under you arm or your leg or head or whatever part of your body you want to wrap it around. Just strap it ON TOP of your arm and around your belly. You can also regulate the height of your seatbelt in most cars nowadays.

Same with the steering wheel, you can adjust it if you feel it's too high or too low. Play around with this to see what works best for you - the operating button for this feature is usually located somewhere underneath the steering wheel. When you find the right position, it will lock itself automatically once you let go of the 'knob'. Like most men. Now hands on the wheel at quarter to 3 and you're ready to go! Just don't forget to check the rear view mirrors.

BTW day to day you can keep the 'thumbs up' on the wheel, a bit more relaxed, while rally and race drivers keep their thumbs wrapped around it (though I guess everyone does it their own way..)

So these are the very basics, which I recommend you take to heart:) Happy (and safe) driving!


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