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The drive from Aroumd to Marrakesh after climbing Mount Toubkal was the shortest one I had on this rally, but it felt like forever. I was unbelievably tired, desperately in need of a shower (I didn’t wash for 2 nights running) and hungry (a massive KFC bucket sorted that out). Just so you know, the smiling photo above was taken AFTER I had a 12 hour sleep :)

Source: Google Maps

I spent my only ‘day off’ exploring the dazzling Marrakesh. Wow, what a city! It’s impossible to embrace it in the space of a few hours, but I certainly got a taste of its intoxicating atmosphere, opulent architecture and endless array of colourful markets.

For over a thousand years, this bustling metropolitan oasis has been Morocco's hotspot for business, pleasure and tourism. It no doubt equals cosmopolitan London or the entertainment of LA and is an absolute 'must-see' if you're coming to Morocco!

I needed a proper rest after loosing half of my body weight climbing Toubkal... so I treated myself to a bit of luxury (I actually booked the cheapest room, but got upgraded to a superior: thats what you call KARMA!). Check out Dar Sabra:


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