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It’s been a couple of months since I visited Rome. I needed a long, sunny break after that chilling Roman holiday. I mostly remember covering up in layers of jumpers whenever I stepped out of the hotel. Not fun.

I went to the Eternal City to continue my challenge and tick off another opera house off the bucket list. I booked tickets for the the ballet 'Snow White' based on a popular 19th century German fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers (big hint in the was VERY grim) . You've definitely heard about it: the young, beautiful Snow White, the evil queen, the 7 dwarfs, poisoned apple, glass coffin and the prince who eventually kisses Snow White and brings her back to life So, story-wise, the usual cocktail.

This won’t be a long post. I so far ‘WOWed’ and ‘AAAHed’ about the ballets I’ve seen, but the Rome production was disappointing. A heavy caliber experience. Even as I entered the building it felt eerie and daunting straight away, and same goes for the ballet. It lacked finesse, subtlety and elegance. Very dark throughout. Felt oddly like a student production. Clothing designed by Jean Paul Gautier didn't really help. So my judgment: 1 out of 10…

I have to admit, I did leave about an hour into into the performance. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Needed a big shot of vodka and a pizza to bring me back from hell.

Maybe I can blame it on a bad day, but there are so many ballet companies out there that are doing a way better job. So Rome for food, but not for the dancing. Palais Garnier in Paris is next.


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