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My Moroccan breakfasts were quite a sweet affair, with the addition of eggs, goat's cheese, olives and the dozen types of bread that tie everything together.

You can see the French and Spanish influence with ubiquitous amounts of pastries and orange juice. Then there's the famous Moroccan mint tea (which I drink without sugar, as the original version is way sweeter than Coca Cola) and for those in need of a stronger kick, you can always have a coffee.

This was my breakfast in Fes. To the left there's pomegranate and some banana, which isn't really a typical thing, but as it's a hotel brekkie I guess they provide it for the fruit and vitamin loving tourists. There's some egg omelettes, the round pan-friend semolina flatbreads and a couple of square Msemen / Rghaif pancakes (love these). To the very right you've got Khobz and hardly any meal goes without that basic, fluffy white bread. It's either eaten with jam, cheese or dripped in oil (argan or olive). Orange juice and a bit of cake if your sweet tooth still isn't satisfied.

A Moroccan version of baked beans / bean goulash was served in Ouarzazate :)

...which I had with those cripsy Msemen pancakes freshly cooked by this lovely lady. They're made from a dough mix of wheat flour and semolina with melted butter, dry yeast, salt, sugar and a bit of water. Some recipes also include oil. Either way, it's all in the way you blend the ingredients together and some special frying technique...sounds fairly simple at first but apprently requires a lot of training! Secret recipes are handed down in families from generation to generation.

A very basic Moroccan breakfast was served in the hostel in Aroumd. The great thing about it...was the jar of Nutella-like cream. Definitely NOT Moroccan, but it did the job on the day: 9km up the hill to the refugee required all the extra fuel I could get.

Plus a touch of protein.

Similar brekkie at 3200m. Bread, jams, powdered coffee and cream. Lipton tea as a bonus.

Hence the next day I went all out in Marrakesh: full international breakfast!

Last but not least, Tangier breakfast before flying back to London. Looks more like lunch;)


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