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I just found out that Jonas, a cameraman who I’ve worked with for years on 'A Place in the sun', used to be a guide for adventure style holidays and he’s climbed the Kilimanjaro 14 times. Once in flip flops. A few drinks in the bar later, he's given me a bunch of ideas for my future challenges and Kilimanjaro is definitely one of them. But I'll start a bit lower than 5895m...

My rally around Morocco will be passing through the foothills of the Atlas, so I am reserving a couple of days to climb Toubkal (also known as Jebel Toubkal). At 4167m it’s the highest point in North Africa and it would be a shame not to attempt the climb. It's a tough call in November and the final approach to the summit will depend on the weather conditions which we'll assess once we reach the refuge at 3206m and stop for the night.

Map: Google

I’m a fit hiker, but this is by far my toughest mountain challenge to date. I’m talking to more experienced mountaineering friends who have done this climb before and sorting out a local guide to assist me, as it's no walk in the park, especially in winter. There’s a lot to organise for the climb itself, while also planning the car rally... but like I said, no more excuses.


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