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I’m a fairly decent xmas ice-skater, which in my world means that I can crossover backwards and forwards and not fall on my ass. But when it comes to the pirouette, I can only manage half a turn. I've always been jealous of those graceful skaters showing off their pretty twirls in the middle of the xmas ice rink. Right, it’s time to do something about it and get my skating skills to the next level.

I'm a massive fan of figure skating and it's one of my favourite sports. I remember religously watching every winter olympics with my grandparents and being in awe of those effortlessly executed jumps and spins. Meanwhile on planet Justine, this is what I'm attempting. 5 turns. That's the absolute minimum. I'm back in London in December and arranging 1:1 classes at the local ice rink. Looks like I will need a solid few hours daily practise...


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