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About the site 


I'm Justine and I love a good challenge. 


I work as a director and producer in television, which takes up most of my time. I created this site to keep myself motivated and do all sorts of positive challenges in my free time: stuff I always wanted to do, but I made endless excuses.  So, f**k excuses. From now on, I just get it done. 

A challenge could be literally anything: from baking a 3-tier cake to learning surfing  or operating a tower crane. Anything goes as long as it teaches me something new about myself and allows me to meet cool people along the way. 


I want to share the experiences with my family (this site was actually created with my parents in mind, who never ever had a clue what I was up to in my life), friends and whoever else fancies joining in. I hope it inspires others to do equally fun things and collect great memories along the way.


My family and friends know they can challenge me to (nearly!) anything and they support me all the way.


And if you ever want to hit me up with a great idea for a challenge, drop me a line.

A bit about me 

love to smile, make others laugh, travel, race cars, fly planes, play tennis and the piano, learn languages, and I'm addicted to buying shoes. 

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